New homes to be built within walking distance of Redhill, Clementi MRT stations

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) prepared a site in each town to develop on Jan 26, allowing new homes to be built within a few minutes’ walk from Redhill MRT station and Clementi.

In a proposed revision to its 2019 masterplan it rezoned roughly 1.5ha of land in Tanglin Road adjacent to Crescent Girls’ School. This site is now zoned for residential use and has a gross plot rate of 4.2.

The Myst Condo

The agency also increased from 4.3 a gross plot ratio on a 1.6ha housing plot located in Clementi Close. The agency also increased the gross plot ratio of a housing plot – about 1.6ha – in Clementi Close from 4.3 to 5.

URA announced that the Tanglin Road Site will be used as a site for high-density development, with commercial amenities and other social and collective facilities. Residents will also benefit from its proximity to Redhill Metro Station and recreational offerings along Alexandra Canal.

The agencies will be looking at the development of the site with respect to nearby residential developments.

Aside from being close to Crescent Girls’ School as well the canal, this site is also near the High Commission of Brunei and a private housing enclave. Redhill MRT station is 500m from future residents.

Ms Sun and mr Mak both mentioned the close proximity of Orchard Road to the site, along with schools and other amenities. This would make upcoming houses attractive for buyers looking to live or invest there.

The Clementi Close project partially occupies land that had been vacated as part the Selective Redevelopment Scheme.

URA has said that the proposed intensification on the site will meet housing needs, and more people can enjoy the convenience and comfort of living near public transportation and amenities.

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Future homes will only be 350m from the Clementi station MRT. It will also be right next to Clementi Polyclinic (due to be completed 2027), Clementi Town secondary school, and Clementi primary school.

In pointing out the mix of homes, both public and private in the area Mr Mak said that it is hard to tell the type of housing for which the plot was intended.

Analysts say that, with its size, and plot ratio, approximately 920 to 1,000 condo units or 650 – 720 flats could be built.

Ms Sun and mr Mak both said a Build To Order (BTO ) project could be classified under the new Plus Category if it is launched under Housing Board’s classification system.

Mr Mak pointed out that the flats were located outside the central area, near a MRT Station.

Plus flats can be found alongside existing Prime flats (those in the most desirable locations near to the city center) and Standard apartments, which are subsidised at standard rates. Plus flats will be located in the most desirable areas of each region, like those that are near MRT stations and towns.

As with Prime types, plus flats have restrictions such as a 10 year minimum period of occupation.

Mr Mak noted that BTOs are scarce in Clementi, with the last one launched in 2017.

Redhill & Clementi is not included in the BTO Launch Projects for February, nor on the Government Land Sales List.

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